Adult Treatment

Many adults wish they had received orthodontic treatment as a child or have noticed minor changes in their teeth with time. Adult orthodontic treatment now represents a significant part of an orthodontists role. Treatment, will not only have a cosmetic benefit, straight teeth are easier to maintain with less hard to reach areas.

Orthodontics is possible for most adults, as for younger patients, it is essential that tooth and gum health is optimised through, working with your dentist or other specialists before commencing orthodontic treatment. Regular checks with your dentist will be required during orthodontic treatment to ensure your mouth remains healthy during treatment.

The advent of cosmetic orthodontic treatment has increased dramatically the discretion and acceptability of having orthodontic treatment as an adult.

Adults may wish to undertake comprehensive treatment for correction of their smile, bite and when indicated jaw position. Alternatively some adults may wish for a limited objective course of treatment to correct only elements of their bite or smile. The risks and benefits of alternative choices will be discussed to allow you to make an informed choice that is compatible with your goals and lifestyle.

Adults commonly selected between fixed orthodontic appliances with cosmetic upper anterior brackets or clear aligner treatment.