Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can be caused from poor prognosis, congenitally missing or lost due to injury. Orthodontic treatment can be recommended by your general dentist or requested by a patient when there is a concerned about:

  • The aesthetics of the smile – the look of the gap left by the missing tooth.
  • Prevention of overeruption of the opposing tooth or teeth on either side of the tooth. When a tooth is removed the opposing tooth or teeth on each side of the now missing tooth can drift into the new space. This drifting can cause over eruption of the teeth which can lead to further dental issues.
  • A change to the patients bite and uneven weight distribution across the teeth.
  • Maintaining the space left by the missing tooth for a bridge, implant or denture.

A patient’s treatment options are based upon their individual dental situation and what outcome they want to achieve.

Missing tooth